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Product Name: Total Blackout Protocol

Author Name: Craig Walker

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Total Blackout Protocol Review

Have you ever been trapped during an EMP attack? Most of the people would aware of the EMP waves and some don’t. EMP(Electromagnetic Pulse)is a said to be a Coronal Mass Ejection(CME) from solar corona that emits heat winds along with magnetic waves. But it is common that sun emitting CME in an amount that earth could sustain. Releasing a surplus amount of CME all of the sudden will lead to an EMP attack. Energetic EMP can permanently or temporarily damage everything by generating high current and voltage surges. Also, it can kill 90 percent of the people’s population. Thus, it is too hard for the government to protect the mass number of people. So you have to prepare yourself for a sudden catastrophe. Total Blackout Protocol is a survival guide by Craig Walker that will assist you to survive through natural disasters especially EMP attack.

What is Total Blackout Protocol?

Recovering from an EMP attack has probably estimated to be anytime between two months and ten years. Total Blackout Protocol helps to give an idea to survive when there is a lack of availability in food, water, goods and much more. It is a book with 100 pages that will provide step by step instruction to handle any disaster strikes. This guide on EMP survival demonstrates you how to be one of the 10% those who are surviving.

total blackout

Also, learning the tricks and techniques from this guide may increase the range of surviving from that 10% to higher. It makes your family keep safe where you will never catch off guard again. Also, this online program is simple and easy to follow and helps to guide you and your family in a safe way. Moreover, this book helps to take the right steps at the right time.

How Does Total Blackout Protocol Works?

The Total Blackout Protocol help to save lives and helps many people to handle the emergency situation with a peace of mind. It will make people handle the worst situation. And this guide also helps to overcome the food crisis which even helps to get and prepare food. It is an encyclopedic guide that is proven to live-saving guide. Already it had helped millions of people to have the peace of mind without worrying about anything. This guide also helps to manage the health in a hygienic way by keeping your environment neatly and safe from germs. This program also helps to tackle the dangerous natural disaster situation with optimal clothing. It also gives an idea about first aid where we can protect ourselves and family.

What you will Learn From Total Blackout Protocol?

  • Total Blackout Protocol provides you with more confidence that you and your family deserves.
  • Also, this guide shows which characters need to be monitored and how to deal with situations.
  • You will learn how to prepare and enjoy delicious food without the cost of success.
  • Moreover, you will learn how to prepare and what to prepare when the toughest situation arises.
  • It helps to keep the surroundings clean and keep away from the virus.
  • Regardless of the power utility and when you see how easy it is to do it.

Total Blackout Protocol Review


#1 Humanity’s End.

#2 Medical Protocol.

#3 Water Protocol.

#4 Food Stockpiling Protocol.

#5 Home Security Protocol.


  • Total Blackout Protocol will act as a shield to you and to your family.
  • This program comes in a digital format and it is much easier to use.
  • It provides you the details you need to survive in any disaster strikes.
  • Moreover, this guide is for anyone regardless of their skills, age, and physical endurance.
  • It comes backed by a solid money-back guarantee in case of any dissatisfaction with the product.
  • Regardless of a person economic background and educational qualification.


  • This guide is available only in the e-book format.


As a result, Total Blackout Protocol program is a recommended program for all those want to live peacefully and happily. So following the information given in this program regularly will give the solution to overcome the bad situation. This guide may also provide a cash back policy for 60 days. In between the two months of purchase, you can claim for a cash return if you are not satisfied. Its time to step up, and make sure that you will have a prosperous future. This program helps you with a secure life right now with a single click. So click the button below to get started!


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